RNA Isolation Kit

RNA Isolation Kit

RNA Isolation Kit

Product Cell-Mate3D RNA Isolation Standard Kit With Ceramic Beads Cell-Mate3D RNA Isolation Standard Kit Without Ceramic Beads
Product Number RXT-1000 RXT-1001
Unit Size 30 Reactions 30 Reactions
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Optimized RNA extraction from Cell-Mate3D™ cultures

Reagents and workflow are optimized for efficient RNA isolation and recovery from Cell-Mate3D™ cultures. Protocol is derived from methods extracting RNA from polysaccharide rich tissues. 1,2,3

Efficient RNA isolation & recovery

Cell-Mate3D™ has unique chemical and physical properties such that common RNA isolation kits are not suitable for RNA extraction.

Isolate RNA with Minimal Protein Contamination

Minimal Protein Contamination with RNA Isolation Kit

Nanodrop spectra of isolated RNA from 7 individual Cell-Mate3D™ samples with Varying cell densities. The total RNA yield represented range from 1.8ug to 16.8ug.

Obtain High Quality RNA after Qiagen® RNA Cleanop

High Quality RNA Using RNA Isolation Kit

Agilent Bioanalyzer electropherogram depicting high quality total RNA isolated from Cell-Mate3D™ culture followed by Qiagen® RNA clean-up. Note clearly delineated 28S and 18S peaks and minimal low molecular weight noise. rRNA Ratio 28S/18S=2.2

Synthesize cDNA and Perform q-RT PCR

q-RT-PCR Amplification Plot Demonstrating GAPDH expression in RNA Isolation Kit

q-RT-PCR amplification plot demonstrating GAPDH expression. RNA was isolated from Cell-Mate3D™ Cultures and converted to cDNA. 200ng of cDNA per well was used in each q-RT-PCR reaction. Technical triplicates were performed. Average CT value was 15.5.


  • Reagent A: Dextran Sulfate, 2 ml vial
  • Reagent B: Extraction Buffer, 10 ml brown vial
  • CHCl3: Isoamyl Alcohol (24:1), 60 ml reagent bottle
  • Reagent C: 7M LiCl, 2 ml vial
  • Reagent D: 4M GuHCl, 10 ml brown vial
  • Reagent E: 0.4M LiCl, 10 ml brown vial
  • Glassmilk Suspension: 440 mg/ml, 2 ml vial
  • Precellys Ceramic Bead Tubes