Islet-Mate ™


Use in long-term cultures, GSIS, transplantation, and metabolic assays

  • Simple, easy setup within 5 mins
  • Long term islet cell cultures 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, and 60 days viability
  • Lower cost of islet cell assays
  • Injectable hydrogel
  • Three sizes based IEQ loads

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Islet-Mate™ is a chemically defined, tissue-like, injectable hydrogel that is easy to use and enables long-term culture of islet (beta) cells. Composed of CT (chitosan) hydrated by dextran-sulfate (DexSO4) solution. Formation of the hydrogel occurs through poly-electrolytic-complex (PEC) fiber formation through amine groups on CTNH3? and sulfate groups on dextran sulfate SO4?. Whether performing GSIS studies, metabolic assays, or experimental islet transplantation. Islet-Mate™ offers the versatility to perform in all these applications and more.

28 Day cultures of islet cells within Islet-Mate™

Left image: Viable pancreatic islet (purple and violet stains) surrounded by bright red staining Islet-Mate matrix. H&E stain, size bar = 50µm.

Right image: Same islets using immunohistochemical stain / hematoxylin stain. White areas Islet-Mate matrix and brown stain are islet cells. size bar = 50µm.


Why consider Islet-Mate™ in your next islet cell study.

  • Simple and easy setup within 5 minutes
  • Long term islet cell cultures 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, and 60 days viability
  • Lower cost of islet cell assays
  • Functional islet cells with insulin and c-peptide secretion
  • Compatible with rat, mouse, porcine, and human islet cells
  • Transplantation platform for experimental islet cells to treat T1DM in animal models
  • Biocompatible as injectable for in vivo studies, implant in rat, mouse, and non-human primates
  • DexSO4 interacts with TRL-4 and MD-2 inhibiting synthesis of apoptotic cytokines
  • Chitosan is 90% deacylated not eliciting the lectin complement cascade (pro-inflammatory)

Follow Technical Data Sheet for Islet-Mate™ setup:

Step 1. Prepare plate for IM-1 – break-away vial and remove cap by separating 1 microwell from strip [Or for IM-3 and IM-6 gels set pre-hydrated construct into culture plate of choice]

Step 2. Prepare cells – mix cell pellet with hydration fluid using pipette

Step 3. Embed cells – center the pipet tip over the channel opening and add cells in hydration fluid to the microgel construct. If there are any areas of construct unreacted or not fully hydrated after 5 min then add additional hydration fluid mix, one drop at time until hydrated. Ensure that the channel to construct is closed. Can simply use a sterile pipette tip to force open end closed before moving ontoStep 4.

Step 4. Transfer gel – after 5 minutes cure time use sterile tweezers gently pick up gel and transfer to well plate of choice and add media of choice.

Injectable hydrogel preparation – see BRTI Islet-Mate™ Technical Data Sheet for protocol on creating soft injectable.

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Content and Specifications

Each Islet-Mate™ kit Contains:

  • 8, 24, 48wells of pre-formatted Islet-Mate
  • Product delivered in strips of 8 wells (i.e. 1×8 or 3×8 strips) and in 48 well plates
  • 1 Tube of Hydration Fluid for less than 24 wells
  • 2 Tubes of Hydration Fluid for 48 well kits


  • Microbial Purity / Sterile / USP 71/85
  • pH / 5.0-7.0 / ASTM DS 148
  • Storage Conditions / 4°C / Recommended
  • Shelf Life / 2 years / ASTM F2347, ASTM F2103