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3D Cell Culture Matrix

Why 3D Cell Culture?

We know that every cell in the body contains the same genetic information. So why then, does your eye look different from your foot? How does your nose know where it should be? Gene expression…and ultimately protein expression determines cell, tissue, and organism characteristics.

While chemical signals are important for gene expression, we now know that cells can “feel” their surroundings, and express genes accordingly. 3d cell culture matrix better mimics the in vivo environment and provides biological relevance to your research, leading to new discoveries.

3D Cell Culture Matrix

BRTI Life Sciences is excited to present Cell-Mate3D™: An injectable, tissue-like matrix that provides your cells with a biologically relevant microenvironment for in vitro and in vivo biomedical research.

Culturing cells in Cell-Mate3D™, a tissue-like 3D matrix can advance your research by:

  •  Enabling in vivo-like gene expression and cell function
  •  Inducing the emergence of more complex structures and micro-tissues
  •  Creating an ideal tumor microenvironment for cancer research
  • Providing a supportive and site-specific cell delivery vehicle in animal models

Analyze your Cell-Mate3D™ cultures using common laboratory techniques

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