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Discover a better way to create and maintain 3D cell cultures. BRTI Life Sciences’ 3D cell culture system creates a more realistic environment for your cells, facilitating discovery of new therapies and complex cellular mechanisms. Model disease and study tissue development with ease and efficiency.


Cell-Mate3D µGel 40™Kit

  • Defined and Tissue-Like
  • Simple and easy setup
  • Cost effective 3D cell culture
  • Disease Modeling: Cancer or Stem Cells
  • Organoids and co-cultures
  • Quantitative tool
  • Lower cell volume 12K

Cell-Mate3D Standard and Large Kit (250µl/500µl)

Ideal Applications:

  • Tissue engineering
  • Disease modeling
  • Injectable delivery system
  • High cell volumes (10M+)
3D Cell Culture System for Tumor Modeling

Create an ideal tumor microenvironment.
Fight cancer.

3D Cell Culture System for Cerebral Organoids

Realize your cells’ potential.
Create micro tissues.

2D vs 3D Cell Culture System

Because context matters. Cells “feel” their surroundings and express genes accordingly.

Study Cell Migration in 3D

NIH3T3:H2B-eGFP cells (courtesy of Dr. Gant Luxton at the University of Minnesota) were embedded into a Cell-Mate3D™ matrix. Time lapse video was taken of the culture using a Nikon Biostation IM-Q over 72 hours.

Read the article in Stem Cell Translational Medicine: Rapid Induction of Cerebral Organoids From Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Using a Chemically Defined Hydrogel and Defined Cell Culture Medium.

Dr. Ehab Sarsour is an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Iowa where his work focuses on free radical and radiation biology. Dr. Sarsour presented his translational research…

Researchers at BRTI Life Sciences recently published an article in PLOS ONE entitled: 3D Cell Culture in a Self-Assembled Nanofiber Environment. The article demonstrates how Cell-Mate3D can be used to analyze complex 3D cultures. Read the press release.


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