Cell-Mate3D Cell Culture Products

Cell-Mate3D™ Kit

Cell-Mate3D™ is a chemically defined, tissue-like, and injectable 3D matrix ideal for cancer, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine research.  Materials are chosen to be translatable for therapeutic applications.  The matrix creates an ideal cell microenvironment for in vitro cell culture assays as well as in vivo cell delivery.

RNA Cell Culture Products

RNA Isolation Kit

Efficiently isolate RNA from your 3D cultures. Optimized for use with Cell-Mate3D™

Cell Retrieval Cell Culture Products

Cell Retrieval Kit

Recover cells from your Cell-Mate3D™ cultures. Analyze your cells using Flow Cytometry.

Cell-Mate3D Cell Culture Products

Cell-Mate3D µGel 40™ Kit

Cell-Mate3D µGel 40™ provides your cells with an ideal microenvironment for disease modeling and regenerative medicine research. It is ideal for cancer cells to model the tumor microenvironment and for stem cells to differentiate toward Central Nervous System tissue. The unique microgel design takes advantage of its chemically defined, tissue-like, biomimetic 3D technology. Thus, allowing for use as a quantitative tool with fewer cells (lower limit 12K) embedded within the 3D matrix. Moreover, the simplicity and ease of use offers a fast set-up in as few as 5 minutes unlike other 3D products in the market.