Beyond Spheroids. Creating Better 3D Hydrogel Platforms for Cell Culture Research and for Cell Therapies.


From DISCOVERY Systems for research to DELIVERY-DEVELOPMENT Systems for therapeutic applications


BRTI Life Sciences’ mission is to create matrix technologies for biomedical applications in cell research and therapeutics. Cell-Mate3D™ and Islet Mate™ technologies are biologically relevant, defined, tissue-like, injectable, translational, and free from chemical or UV crosslinking reagents. Our unique, biocompatible hydrogels provide a more realistic microenvironment for cells, facilitating discovery of new therapies and complex cellular mechanisms to model disease and tissue development with ease and efficiency. In addition, our 3D hydrogels are injectable for delivery of cell/drug therapeutics and cell development in bioprocessing systems to enhance cell performance and production.


In 2014 we introduced our first product, Cell-Mate3D™, an injectable matrix and 3D cell culture tool that creates an ideal microenvironment for cell and drug delivery, disease modeling, and regenerative medicine applications. Since the introduction of Cell-Mate3D, we have expanded our technology platform with new hydrogels – Cell-Mate3D µGel 40™ and Islet Mate™ – along with accessory products for cell retrieval and RNA isolation. Our hydrogels have been used successfully with islets, stem cells and many cancer cell lines.


We aim to provide customers with products that truly add value to their research, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction with every purchase.

Courtesy Dr. Tim O’Brien, Univ Minnesota, cerebral organoid ‘brain’ (Left image), osteocyte development ‘bone’ (Middle image), BRTI Life Sciences hMSC with DAPI (blue) and CD44 staining (green) (Right image)

Courtesy Dr Tim Lyden, UW-RF, various developmental stage of melanoma cancer