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RNA Isolation Kit

RNA Isolation Kit


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Optimized RNA extraction from Cell-Mate3D™ cultures

Reagents and workflow are optimized for efficient RNA isolation and recovery from Cell-Mate3D™ cultures. Protocol is derived from methods extracting RNA from polysaccharide rich tissues. 1,2,3

Efficient RNA isolation & recovery

Cell-Mate3D™ has unique chemical and physical properties such that common RNA isolation kits are not suitable for RNA extraction.

Unite Size

Standard Kit With Ceramic Beads: 30 Reactions
Standard Kit Without Ceramic Beads: 30 Reactions

Isolate RNA with Minimal Protein Contamination

Nanodrop spectra of isolated RNA from 7 individual Cell-Mate3D™ samples with Varying cell densities. The total RNA yield represented range from 1.8ug to 16.8ug.

Obtain High Quality RNA after Qiagen® RNA Cleanop

Agilent Bioanalyzer electropherogram depicting high quality total RNA isolated from Cell-Mate3D™ culture followed by Qiagen® RNA clean-up. Note clearly delineated 28S and 18S peaks and minimal low molecular weight noise. rRNA Ratio 28S/18S=2.2

Synthesize cDNA and Perform q-RT PCR

q-RT-PCR amplification plot demonstrating GAPDH expression. RNA was isolated from Cell-Mate3D™ Cultures and converted to cDNA. 200ng of cDNA per well was used in each q-RT-PCR reaction. Technical triplicates were performed. Average CT value was 15.5.

Contents and Specifications

  • Reagent A: Dextran Sulfate, 2 ml vial
  • Reagent B: Extraction Buffer, 10 ml brown vial
  • CHCl3: Isoamyl Alcohol (24:1), 60 ml reagent bottle
  • Reagent C: 7M LiCl, 2 ml vial
  • Reagent D: 4M GuHCl, 10 ml brown vial
  • Reagent E: 0.4M LiCl, 10 ml brown vial
  • Glassmilk Suspension: 440 mg/ml, 2 ml vial
  • Precellys Ceramic Bead Tubes

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Cell-Mate3D RNA Isolation Standard Kit With Ceramic Beads, Cell-Mate3D RNA Isolation Standard Kit Without Ceramic Beads