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October 2017

  • Defined composition with lot-to-lot consistency
  • Tissue-like mechanical properties
  • Cell to Matrix interactions
  • Simple and easy setup at room temperature
  • No cross linkers or UV curing
  • Cost effective 3D cell culture

September 2016

  • New Article in PLOS ONE Features Cell-Mate3D
  • Analyze Cerebral Organoids Derived From Cell-Mate3D
  • In the News: New Cancer Stem Cells Therapeutic Target Database

June/July 2016

  • New Article! Generate Cerebral Organoids with Cell-Mate3D and a Defined Cell Culture Medium
  • Create Hypoxic Gradients with Cell-Mate3D
  • Analyze your Cell-Mate3D cultures using BRTI’s Easy to Follow Protocols
  • BRTI Participates in Cancer Moonshot Summit

April/May 2016

  • Tumor Modeling – Hypoxia in Cell-Mate3D
  • Cell-Mate3D Mentioned in Nature Methods
  • Thank you for a Great AACR Annual Meeting 2016
  • In the News: The Brain Dictionary

Feb/March 2016

  • Primary Hepatocyte Culture in Cell-Mate3D Matrix
  • Visit Us at AACR Annual Meeting 2016
  • In The News: Researchers Regenerate Lens Tissue Using Endogenous Stem Cells
  • Happy Pi Day!

January 2016

  • Cell Migration in Cell-Mate3D Matrix
  • 3D Cell Culture Protocols Now Available
  • In The News: Gene editing CRISPER technology is named “Breakthrough of the Year” by Science

December 2015

  • Tips on Visualizing Your 3D Cultures
  • In The News: How Much Will Bioengineered Organs Cost?
  • Take a Break: Scientist Word Search

November 2015

  • Long-Term 3D Cell Culture with Cell-Mate3D
  • In The News: How Similar are iPSCs to ES Cells?
  • Take A Break: Science Crossword Puzzle

August 2015

  • New Cell-Mate3D Protien Isolation Protocol
  • BRTI Life Sciences Featured in “American Laboratory”
  • Webinar Announcement: Creating a Dynamic Tumor Microenvironment with Cell-Mate3D

July 2015

  • New Cell-Mate3D RNA Isolation Kit
  • JDRF funding award
  • New Cryosectioning Protocol
  • Dr. Francis Collin’s Talk at the BIO Convention in Philadelphia
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