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Instron, a leading provider of testing equipment designed to evaluate mechanical properties of materials and components, is collaborating with Dr. John Brekke at BRTI Life Sciences in Duluth, Minnesota. Dr. John H. Brekke is a pioneer in the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The firm has developed a unique, biomimetic hydrogel intended as a three-dimensional environment for study of stem cells and their therapeutic applications. Cell-Mate3D, a biomimetic 3D cell culture matrix, is designed to support and enhance cell culture assays. The materials are carefully chosen and processed to create an ideal microenvironment for your cells.

Partnering with Dr Brekke, Instron has provided the instrumentation and mechanical environment to test and tune the stiffness of their product. Tissue-like stiffness mimics the in vivo extracellular environment and resulting mechanical signals influence cell behavior and differentiation potential. BRTI plans to supply Cell-Mate3D in a variety of stiffnesses, from which customers will be able to choose the correct micro-environment for their specific research.

The Instron LigaGen bioreactor system provides axial stress or strain to a construct. The stress/strain profiles can be defined by the user and can be a simple sinusoidal or a physiological waveform. These features allow researchers to design the environment of interest in a reliable and repeatable manner to systematically develop a standard product. The new hydrogel grips, patent pending, use a custom zero-clamp design to provide secure hydrogel gripping without damaging the sample.

About Instron

Instron is a leading global manufacturer of testing equipment for the material and structural testing markets used to evaluate materials ranging from native tissue to advanced highstrength alloys. Instron systems perform a variety of tests such as compression, cyclic, fatigue, impact, melt flow, multi-axis, rheology, tensile, and torsion. Providing single-source convenience through a comprehensive range of solutions and localized service & support, Instron’s broad range of service capabilities include assistance with performance verification & calibration, standards compliance, testing system relocation, staff training, and preventative maintenance.

The Instron Centers of Excellence around the world ensure that behind every Instron system is an unprecedented commitment and dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Instron remains involved with various ASTM and ISO committees, gaining first-hand knowledge of recent and upcoming changes to standards that affect our customers.

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About BRTI Life Sciences

Dr. John Brekke founded BRTI Life Sciences in 2003 with a mission to create matrix technologies for biomedical researchers that are “biologically relevant, defined, tissue-like, translational, and free from chemical or UV crosslinking reagents”. The result is Cell-Mate3D, an injectable matrix and 3D cell culture tool that creates an ideal microenvironment for cell and drug delivery, disease modeling, and regenerative engineering applications. The company has grown to include leaders in science and industry and continues to offer easy to use, high quality solutions that help scientists succeed. We are continually inspired by our customer’s ideas, discoveries and dedication. Aiming to provide customers with products that truly add value to their research, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction with every purchase.

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